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King Fount Ind. Corp.

We offer professional audio system equipments, including home theater speakers, home audio theater systems, car audios, car audio stereo speakers, public address systems, wireless microphones, loudspeakers, car amplifiers, karaoke systems, auto video & audio systems, wall mount speakers, projection speakers, art panel speakers, column speakers, graphic equalizers, power ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

All's Well Electronics Co., Ltd.

bbin体育Manufacturer of audio equipment, including infrared microphone & conference system, infrared wireless PA systems, receivers, sensors, IR sets, KARAOKE, classroom audio, sound field, receiver amplifiers, chargers, headset microphones, lapel microphones, plug in, neck microphones, wireless microphone system, transmitters, accessories, OEM & ODM, etc.

  • Taiwan Taiwan

Enping Guanxing Electronic Factory

bbin体育audio mixer,professional headset microphone,condenser microphone,loudspeaker,wireless microphone speaker,headset microphone receiver,plastic microphone,gooseneck microphone,mixer,loud hailer

    China China


bbin体育Lee's Hi-Tech Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established in 1985 and our headquarters is located in Kaohsiung, Taiwan area. As a leading industrial radio remote controller manufacturer in Asia, we have been engaged in this field for over 25 years. ...

    Taiwan Taiwan


bbin体育An award-winning manufacturer Taiwan Carol Electronics has been manufacturing microphones since 1975. Because of our continuous research and innovation, we have earned a fine reputation among both international buyers and local organizations. In ...

    Taiwan Taiwan

Enping Shengyi Electronic Co., Ltd.

bbin体育Enping Shengyi Electronic Co., Ltd. was established in 1985. We are a professional audio product manufacturer, integrating the design, development, production, sale and service with our own brand -- "RGE"and "Derrica". Our products include wire and wireless microphones (UHF/VHF). Thanks to our advanced technology and experienced inspection system, ...

    China China

Jinao Electronic Co., Ltd.

bbin体育Taishan Jinao Electronic Co., ltd is a professional microphone manufacturer and exporter, integrated in producting, sales, design, and installation in Taishan City, Guangdong Province, China. Our Product Range includes 1.Wired Dynamic Microphone Series 2.UHF/VHF Wireless Microphone Series 3.Professional Mixer Console Series 4.Power Amplifier Series 5.Microphone ...

    China China

Enping City Sound-Explorer Acoustics Scientific & Technique Development Co., Ltd.

"Seplo Acoustics" is a modern-technological enterprise specializing in research, development, manufacture and sale. Our main products include mixer, amplifier, loudspeaker, multi-functional digital conference system, portable wireless amplifier, professional wireless microphone, professional wire microphone, etc. Based on the tenet of "Quality first, ...

    China China

Enping Oksn Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

bbin体育Established in 1997, Enping Oksn Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of microphones. We integrate investment, design, production and sale and adopt advanced technology. Our products include wire and wireless microphones, gooseneck microphones for conference and interview and sound equipment products. With years of production experience, we ...

    China China

Xingda Xionghai Electronics Factory Enping City

bbin体育Microphone hanger,Microphone cartridge,Dynamic Microphone Cartridge,wire microphone,Commercial KTV equipment,Professional karaoke system,Karaoke Microphone

    China China

Enping City Hengchang Electronics & Plastic Co., Ltd.

karaoke wired microphone,wireless teaching amplifier,power mixer,power amplifier,karaoke speakers

    China China

Enping Huayuan Audio Equipment Factory

bbin体育Enping Huayuan Audio Equipment Factory is an advanced technological manufacturer focusing on R&D, production, sales and service. Our main products are wireless microphone series. Our principle is "best quality and services" and we have a very professional R&D team, international name brand inspection instruments and advanced machinery: HP, ...

    China China

Enping LAIKESI Audio Equipment Factory

CA series Amplifer,P series Amplifer,EP series Amplifer,PV series Amplifer,CS series Amplifer,Rmx series Amplifer,MA series Amplifer,MG series audio mixer,series audio mixerr,EFX series audio mixerr

    China China

Pengjiang Chuangda Digital Sound Factory

bbin体育Inverter power supply device,Waist hanged audio power amplifier

    China China

Enping Yixing Electronic Equipment Co., Ltd.

bbin体育wire microphone,wireless microphone,conference microphone,raw mixer,power mixer,amplifier,speaker,microphone accessory,loudspeaker,cartridge

    China China

Guangzhou Bilipu Electronics Co., Ltd.

power amplifier,wireless microphone,active speaker,wireless speaker,audio amplifier,wireless amplifier,professional amplifier,professional speaker

    China China

Soyo Technology Development Co., Ltd.

bbin体育Wireless Loudspeaker,Wireless Audo Guider,Video Guider system,Audio Guider,Wireless microphone

    China China

Fenghua Hengshun Telecommunication Factory

Public address system,Portable microphone,Wireless microphone,PA amplifier,Speech amplifier,Vocal amplifier,Audio amplifier,Bullhorn megaphone,Mini megaphone,Loud speaker

    China China

Shenzhen Naphon Music Co., Ltd.

UHF microphone,VHF microphone,Conference System

    China China

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